Portland & Rochester Closing

Portland & Rochester has announced that they’re closing their doors.

Hello to all our friends out there. Thank you all for a wonderful year, it’s been amazing serving you and going through the growth of our beautiful restaurant with you.

Portland & Rochester Pub will be open Today, tomorrow and possibly Thursday this week and then we will be closing our doors. Tegan & I really wanted to be able to run the Pub as well as our Bar Harbor Lobster Pound, but it is proving to be a little too much to handle them both.

3 comments on “Portland & Rochester Closing

  1. That’s too bad. Again, that’s kind of a tough spot.

    Calling it now. New home of Pepperclub/good egg

  2. Uneven and unpredictable kitchen staff doomed it. Snarky wait staff did not help.

  3. Sad. Such a brutally tough business.

    I enjoyed several very nice meals there (the rabbit was especially tasty). In addition to more than a few well-done cocktails. I wish the owners well as they pick-up the pieces. Onward.

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