Portland Pottery Cafe Now Open

The Munjoy Hill News reports that Portland Pottery has expanded into the adjacent and opened a small cafe and is now known as Portland Pottery Store & Cafe.

[John] Turner, a recent business management graduate of USM, said there is no set menu yet, because the Brunis are still trying to see what people want. “Eye catching specialities” are what they are looking or and only fresh ingredients are used. (MHN.com ate a delightful argulua salad which according to Turner contained walnuts, dried cherries, beets and goat cheese. It was fantastic and cost $5.00)

2 comments on “Portland Pottery Cafe Now Open

  1. I went in there Saturday hoping to try it and maybe write something about it, and there was no one there – and I don’t mean just customers, there was no one behind the counter. No one in sight, anywhere. I waited a while (spent some time checking out the pottery) to see if someone would show up, but no one ever did. It was bizarre.

  2. While its good to see the space used those of us in the neighborhood sure miss the corner store, i’m hoping the pottery cafe turns out well. It looks more like a gallery then a cafe when looking in the windows.

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