Portland Brewery Incubator

If My Coaster Could Talk has written a piece about Industrial Way and the role it plays as an incubator for new Portland breweries.

There is a special neighborhood in Portland, Maine, one that’s developing a pretty solid brewing history, a place that has seen a brewery start up and become one of Maine’s most successful, a place that has seen small startup breweries find their place in the Maine beer scene, pack up and move on to bigger and better things and has also been a place that has seen a brewery close its doors and now is witnessing a new batch of young breweries entering the market.

D.L. Geary, Allagash and New England Distilling are all in that neighborhood. Rising Tide, Maine Beer Co. and Bull Jager started out there, and now Bissell, Austin Street and Foundation Brewing are continuing the tradition.

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  1. I think there are some others incubating on the Evergreen Drive side as well, but I’m amazed he didn’t even mention Geary’s in the article!

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