Poket Brunch & Review of Figa

The November issue of Portland Magazine includes a review of Figa,

The charcuterie ($18) is irresistible, house-made. The foot-and-a-half-long wondrous wooden platter displays a dreamy assortment of meats (duck pastrami, pork-and-pistachio terrine, beef bresaola, apricot-cased pork lomo, pork terrine), pickled fennel and red onion, cornichons, and a delectable house-made mustard. We go after each tempting, savory substance with gusto.

a feature article about Pocket Brunch,

In between snacking on tasty pre-meal bites, which includes hand-pressed cider, fresh doughnuts, beet-red velvet muffins topped with goat cheese frosting and walnuts, and fire-smoked bacon, diners pick bouquets from the farm’s flower fields. On the lawn, teams of guests face off at kubb, a Swedish game in which players attempt to knock down wooden blocks by tossing thick dowels across the field.

and named Portland restaurant health inspector Michele Sturgeon to their list of the 10 Most Intriguing Mainers.

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