Pocket Brunch #2

The 2nd edition of Pocket Brunch took place this afternoon. Chefs Josh Potocki and Joel Beauchamp were joined by Jay Loring from Nosh. Here’s the menu:

  • Edible Ocean – striped bass, periwinkle, mussel sea bean, crispy seaweed
  • Nightshade Elixer – tomato water, juniper extraction (shown right)
  • Duckhole – duck fat brioche, pickled peppers, duck egg, bogarones, tasso ham, chorizo dust
  • Jackalope – antelope and rabbit rillette, cracker, pickle
  • Summer S’Mores – cinamon sugar graham cracker, lime marshmallow, blackberry granache, white chocolate

The meal was accompanied by coffee from Tandem Coffee Roasters and cocktails by Nathaniel Mikeljohn.

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