Pizzaiolo Controversy Explored

BDN columnist Chris Busby has examined in more depth the Facebook posts published by Pat Scally, owner of a new pizzeria under construction on Cumberland Ave.

I believe that, but I don’t believe Scally posted those memes by mistake. I think Scally is ignorant about politics (he admits as much) and insensitive to racist rhetoric (which he also concedes), but is not a hateful person or someone I would consider a racist.

That said, I believe James was right to bring those memes to the community’s attention, and people certainly have the right to criticize Scally for the posts and refuse to eat his pizza. But had this matter ended there on Facebook, Portland would be a more divided and dangerous place as a result. There’d be more hatred, less understanding, and no opportunity for an apology or forgiveness. If we’re going to keep the real racists at bay (and out of the White House), we’ll need to do more reaching out than flipping out.

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  1. This is a reason that I think the Portland Food Map serves a very important role in my understanding of food in Portland. Thanks

  2. I don’t get what all the hoopla is about this place. It’s truly a pizzeria in the simplest sense with a soda vending machine front and center as you walk in. It’s in a terrible part of Portland, a place that gentrification has not touched yet. Who cares?

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