PeRx-U-Up Cafe

PeRx-U-Up Cafe received 4 stars from the Eat & Run column in today’s Portland Press Herald.

The cafe is not a big place – just a couple of small tables, some counter seating and, now that the weather has improved, some outdoor tables. The bottom line: The food is fresh, good and reasonably priced.

One comment on “PeRx-U-Up Cafe

  1. It’s good to know about this place since it’s just a few steps from the Back Cove Trail…but there’s one inaccuracy. The reviewer says “Breakfast items include gigantic muffins, scones, bagels…and other baked goods from City Deli.” But wait: those bagels aren’t from City Deli – they’re handmade by Dennis Yesse, “The Bagel Guy,” in his small custom-order bakery in South Portland. I know, it’s a detail, but these are the best, most authentic bagels available in this town so he deserves a little credit.

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