Pai Men Miyake Now Open

Pai Men Miyake, Masa Miyake’s new noodle house, is now open for business in Longfellow Square.
They’ll be on a cash basis until Friday and have a slightly limited menu tonight. The pork gyoza were especially good.
Update: See Portland Food Coma for photos and details on the menu.

3 comments on “Pai Men Miyake Now Open

  1. They have pork Gyoza?! My # one baby-having craving. I will probably end being a nightly fixture for the next 6 months! And it’s awesome that they’re in the west end…. walkings a breeze…

  2. I had dinner there last night. I was surprised that they weren’t busier (7pm on a Saturday night) but the food was very good. Be sure to try the steamed pork buns and the pork Gyoza. Both were outstanding.

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