Oxbow Expanding

Oxbow Brewing has also applied for a liquor license so they can serve wine, spirits, food (draft menu, page 39) and beers from other brewers along with their own products at their tasting room on Washington Ave.

Although we have been enjoying a steady early draw of customers to our new Portland tasting room, it has quickly become apparent that the ability to provide a more complete [experience] would generate substantially more traffic to our location, and subsequently to the many small businesses that surround us. To be able to maximize the potential of our space, we would like to have the option of preparing snacks as well as serving guest beers, wines and spirits from other local artisan producers.

6 comments on “Oxbow Expanding

  1. Guess they don’t wanna undercut bars and restaurants they serve but it would be great if these tasting rooms gave you a little better price

  2. Oxbow needs to expand its offerings. As outstanding as their beers are, that big industrial space can seem a little desolate with just a handful of Oxbow taps.

  3. The prices at the Oxbow tasting room are ridiculously high compared to the other tasting rooms in town (Rising Tide, Foundation, Austin St, etc). $4-5 for a 4oz taster works out to a $16-20 pint of beer. No one else charges as much as Oxbow and until they change their format and prices I will not be going back. I have no problem paying for local, quality stuff, but they need to get in line with similar products.

  4. JR… Its actually $4 for a 8oz Taster and $6 for a 12oz, maybe pricey, but not as high as you think.

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