Out for Bid: Courthouse & Castle

2016-01-27_21-19-48The Friends of Deering Oaks Park and the City of Portland are putting the castle in the park out to bid for someone interested in running a cafe or other food  business there. Interested parties should contact Troy Moon at thm@portlandmaine.gov. For additional information read this article in the Press Herald.

The city hopes to select a vendor by March 1. Lease negotiations will be completed by March 15, and the castle should be open for business in May.

Kotts said that, after her experience last year, she believes a food truck – or two or three food trucks – would be perfect for the space. They can cook just outside the castle, then serve customers fresh, hot food inside.

Cumberland County is seeking RFPs for a Courthouse Café/Coffee Kiosk in the Cumberland County courthouse.

The Courthouse has approximately 200 daily employees and an additional 200 to 400 visitors per day. We are requesting a proposal to sell coffee and/or donuts, muffins, etc. to employees and visitors. We are asking you to provide a concept of your kiosk, products sold, prices, and rental to the County for the space provided. New ideas are welcomed, including possible lunch plans.

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