Others!, Bar TV Etiquette and Hot Beverage Culture

The Portland Daily Sun has published an article about the guiding philosophy of Others! in Monument Square,

“Our mission is in our name. We try to leverage money that comes through here to help as many as we can through Fair Trade coffee and tea and try to have a direct relationship with the growers and farmers,” said McCurtain.

a lesson in bar TV etiquette,

To which he said, “It’s just the way things are done…you ask your neighbor in a bar if you want to switch the channel. You must not go out very much.”

and an article about hot beverages, seasonal and otherwise.

Although we are a soup-eating people, we really don’t have a strong culture of hot beverages. Coffee, tea, hot chocolate and the occasional cider are typically the only hot beverages that you’ll find on menus in this country. Hot broths and savory brews are really a home affair, made to order when it’s bitter cold. The only local exception I’ve found is the buttery rich tea that is served at Korea House.

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