Other Side Deli Closed

Owners Peter and Jessica Sueltenfuss have announced that they’ve closed the Other Side Deli on Veranda Street. They plan to expand the hours at the Other Side Diner (website, instagram) where they’ll offer more breakfast to go options as well as some of their customer’s favorite sandwiches from Other Side Deli.

Good morning Portland and our East Deering community. We have made the very difficult decision to close the deli (effective immediately)

Our intent was not be be this abrupt, but there are factors that are just out of our control.

It has been a great journey for us and making this decision was extremely difficult. Being a part of the East Deering community for the past 9 years has been an incredible experience and we could never thank you enough for all of the love you have shown us❤️
We have had many struggles this year and in order to continue to put our best foot forward we have decided to channel all of our energy into the Diner.

The Other Side Deli opened in 2015, and the Sueltenfusses opened the Other Side Diner in 2019. They had also had operated a second location of the deli on Vaughan Street in the West End that launched in 2017.