Open to the Square: Spartan Grill

Spartan Grill owner Mike Rolyos has a proposal in to the Historic Preservation Board to update the store front of his Monument Square cafe. The new store front would consist of a glass-paneled overhead door that in warm weather would open up the entire space on to the square.

4 comments on “Open to the Square: Spartan Grill

  1. Wasn’t that one of the things the health inspector was harping on? That you can’t have outside open to the kitchen ?

  2. That seems to ring a bell. I suppose as long as Spartan puts a screen door leading into their prep area they’d be fine. Of course, the Historic Preservation Board is going to decide on the proposal based on their guidelines and mission. The city’s restaurant inspection code is left to someone else.

  3. It is indeed a violation of the health code to have any food prep area open to the outdoors. That’s why Rosemont Produce doesn’t prepare any food there so they can have the front open, as they did today, in good weather.

    (And I have no idea why food carts are held to lower standard of enclosure than places like Spartan Grill are.)

    Oriental Table is officially closed as of today — I saw them take the last of their gear away this afternoon. And they are still without a place to move to according the owner who says he’ll be very careful on who his next landlord is!

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