October Bollard: Schulte & Herr, Zapoteca, Letters

The October issue of The Bollard is now online. It includes:

  • A review of Portland’s new German restaurant, Schulte & Herr,
    For my daughter, the Belgian waffle with blueberry-maple syrup ($7) looked too good to pass up. And she was right — it was fantastic. Unlike a typical waffle that serves only as a vehicle for fruity toppings and whipped cream, this one was delicious on its own, with flavors of whole wheat, yeast and vanilla melding together perfectly. Of course, dipping bites into a blend of wild blueberries and maple syrup was pretty freaking good, too.
  • A bar review of Zapoteca,
    The drink menu is extensive and, in some cases, expensive — there are a couple shots that would cost more than your and your date’s meals combined. But don’t be intimidated. The first page of the libations menu has a dozen or so cocktails, the majority of them tequila-based, priced between $8 and $11.  The second page is an extensive list of tequilas. It’s here that you’ll find shots as high as $65, though most fall in the $8-to-$13 range. These are not gimmick offerings, but an attempt to showcase the true diversity of premium tequilas.
  • Letters to the editor about prohibition cocktails and against “improving” the standard Maine Italian sandwich
    The mere fact that he would even consider upgrading an Italian (or, to use the proper pronunciation, “eye-talian”) is an insult. Though he does acknowledge that “the junky goodness [is] part of the appeal,” he misses the fact that said junky goodness is the entire appeal.

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