NYT: 36 Hours in Portland

The New York Times has featured Portland in the latest of their 36 Hours travel articles.

From the fishing piers and wharves lined up like piano keys along Commercial Street to the ocean views and historic Queen Anne-style homes atop Munjoy Hill, Portland offers a lot for visitors to take in. And then there is the food. Maine’s largest city has long been nationally known as a top food destination, and just this year two Portland bakers won James Beard Awards…

The article highlights: Cong Tu Bot, Ugly Duckling, Il Leone, Luke’s Lobster, Bar Futo, Hot Suppa, Bite into Maine, Oxbow, Anoche, Rabelais, Onggi, Strata, Terlingua, Izakaya Minato, The Shop, and the recent Beard Award wins by Atsuko Fujimoto and Zu Bakery.

The NYT 36 Hours column has previously written about Portland in both 2010 and 2016.