Nontraditional Lobster Roll, Food Events & Towns in Food Revolt

The Food & Dining section in today’s Press Herald includes a search for nontraditional lobster rolls in Maine,

Suggest adding a little celery, some herbs or minced onion, and lobster roll purists look at you as if you just suggested painting the White House purple.

But after a lobster roll or two or 200, some people start longing for a roll that’s a little different.

a preview of the 8th Annual Vegetarian Food Festival,

Whether you want to try vegan food, learn how to make sprouts, remove sugar from your diet or just meet others who enjoy plant-based eats, you’ll want to check out this Saturday’s Vegetarian Food Festival. Now in its eighth year, the event takes place at the East End Community School in Portland and is organized by the nonprofit animal rights advocacy group Maine Animal Coalition.

as well as articles about the Taste of the Nation, the growing number of towns passing laws exempting local farmers from state and federal food regulations, and a reprint of the Maine a la Carte article about chef Tony Mantuano upcoming visit to Portland.

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