New Outdoor Deck at Little Giant

Little Giant (website, facebookinstagram) has been reconfiguring their back patio into a new outdoor dining deck. The heated backyard deck will seat up to 25-30 people and be made comfortable with 35,000 watts of electric heat.

Little Giant hopes to launch the new dining area before the end of December. They plan to use it to expand the number of nights they’re open, add a lunch service and re-start their weekend brunch. They’ll also be using the space for private dining and events (contact for inquiries).

Owners Ian and Kate Malin sees this investment in an outdoor space a middle way forward for his West End restaurant that allows him to keep business activity high enough to stay in business while side stepping the risks to his staff and customers of indoor dining.

Other establishments building-out more winter-friendly outdoor dining spaces include: Rising Tide, Thirsty Pig, Oxbow, Chaval, The Yard, Mast Landing and Terlingua. For more options see our Outdoor dining list for Portland.

Update: Here’s a look at the completed outdoor space below. Additionally, Little Giant has also purchased some electric heated seat pads from Huga to make the outdoor dining experrience more comfortable for their customers.

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