New Food Blog: Vin et Grub

Vin et Grub, a new food blog, has been added to the directory on Portland Food Map. The blog’s most recent entry is a review of Boda,

i honestly don’t have anything to complain about from boda.  the atmosphere was great- the food, delicious as ever, and the service was prompt.  the prices are also very reasonable.  obviously, it’s sort of unfair.  boda- the thai restaurant that serves up creative and real thai cuisine has a huge advantage over thai places like veranda, saebeing, and pom’s.  i’ll be taking many more trips to boda- seeing as they’re open late-night.

The blogger is also trying to establish a roving dinner club, to be called Port City Eaters.

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  1. Boda is fantastic, we enjoy taking advantage of their half off late night menu on Sundays. Actually we hadn’t been in a few weeks and enjoyed it last night! So I was even more excited to see this article today. Scrumptious morsels for half off, in a delightful atmosphere, and kind staff, yes please and thank you!

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