New England Regional 38

Eater’s roving food editor, Bill Addison, has issued his list of the 38 essential restaurants in New England.

Included on the list are 10 restaurants from Maine: Drifters Wife, Eventide, Long Grain, Maine Diner, Mcloons Lobster, Palace Diner, Primo, Tandem Bakery, The Lost Kitchen, Tao Yuan.

Even five years ago, this list would have looked very different — or certainly less geographically broad. (As it is, Boston nabs a whopping 10 spots, but hey, it’s a metro area of nearly 5 million people.) Thanks to game-changers like Eventide in Portland, Maine, and Oberlin in Providence, Rhode Island, there’s now a breadth to the selections that shows off an upsurge in creativity. With its mosaic of risk-taking chefs and guardians of traditional foods, New England has never been a more varied or exciting culinary destination.

I had the pleasure of working with Bill on the list and wrote a few of the entries for Southern Maine in the article.

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  1. Interesting use of the word essential. I am not sure it is “absolutely necessary” or “extremely important” that I eat at these restaurants. On the other hand, most of them appear to be restaurants I would enjoy visiting for a meal. There seems to be something about articles dealing with restaurants that require words like “Best” or “essential” in their titles.

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