Myers-Briggs Restaurant Recommendations

Need advice on where to eat out today? Social Cureats may have the answer for you. The site has created a list of Portland restaurant recommendations, each tied to a specific Myers-Briggs personality type. For those that don’t know their INTJ from an ESFP the blog links to a site where you can do a self evaluation.

The Mastermind (INTJ)
You’re wicked innovative and enjoy formulating strategies to solve problems.  You have seriously high standards, both for yourself and for others, and you’re not interested in dealing with people who you don’t see as your intellectual equal.  You are, however,  interested in constantly improving yourself and learning more about everything, and you like in-depth rather than superficial involvement with things.  Your Portland restaurant would have to be 555.  Go for the $60 tasting menu, which changes daily, and let your taste buds and neurons be tantalized as you analyze the bizarre and delicious flavor combinations, and muse over how the mousse, foam or gel on your plate was created.

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