Mushrooms and Shima in the Sun

Wednesday’s edition of the Portland Daily Sun included an article by Margo Mallar on mushroom foraging in Maine,

There are many who don’t mind a little rainy weather: book-lovers and sellers, movie theaters and mushrooms. Although the record setting summer rains haven’t resulted in record setting harvests, goldenchanterelles, black trumpets, and hens of the woods are making their way from forest floor to dinner plates across Maine.

and an article about Shima, the new Japanese restaurant under construction on Fore Street. The Shima article unfortunately hasn’t made it online so here’s some of the key points:

  • Shima’s chef/owner Dave Shima hopes to open in the next 10-12 days
  • Chef Shima had worked for 5 years at Fuji and has been the private chef for a number of bands such as Rush, Chicago and Aerosmith
  • He plans on serving “an eclectic mix of Japanese, French and some Hawaiian food”
  • there will be 25 different types of sake on the menu

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