4 comments on “Mt Desert Island Ice Cream Opening

  1. I love Mt. Desert Island ice cream and enjoyed it frequently at Willard Scoops last summer. Now that Willard is making its own ice cream(http://bit.ly/ajDnVm), a taste-test might be in order! Is there any better ice cream in the Portland area?

  2. Mt. Desert Ice Cream is opening on Thursday. I just walked by the store.

  3. Just went in and tried the “Girl Scouts Gone Wild.” The flavor, I mean, of course. Pretty tasty. Only trouble, $4 for a VERY SMALL cup, like 4 spoons full maybe. For tourists, I guess.

  4. Hi MIster Meatball,
    Judging from the date of your review, you probably went to our shop the first night we were open. I had miscommunicated with the staff (I’m the owner) the portion sizes and hadn’t noticed the mistake until after a few of the servings were given to customers – you had probably been inadvertently given the childs size! Please come in and have some ice cream on us. You can email me at info@mdiic.com so we can arrange it.

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