Moved, Expanding, and Leasing

A few additional under construction updates:

  • Cakes Extraordinaire has moved across the street from their location on Brighton Ave into the Pine Tree Mall across the parking lot from Lowes.
  • MaineBiz reports that the developer of 188 Middle Street has recast the space as the Shops at 188 which will consist of a “a restaurant and include a clothing store, a jewelry store and a home furnishings gallery store.” Last year 188 Middle Street had been slated to be the home of Luna Rossa.
  • According to a post on Chowhound, David’s 388 has “bought the building next door and will be expanding”.

3 comments on “Moved, Expanding, and Leasing

  1. I heard from a good source, or maybe it’s public anyway, that a restaurant is going to go in the first floor of renovated Key Bank in Monument Square. Anybody heard anything?

  2. Last I heard they are trying to get companies such as Panera Bread, Cheese Cake Factory, and PF Chang’s to bid on the space available. DEEP POCKET companies.

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