Today’s Location & More Food Truck Reporting (Updated)

Nonna’s Kitchennette and Seoul Sausage are going to be operating again today in the Old Port with film crews from the Great Food Truck Race. Details are still thin but it looks like they’ll be parking on Commercial in front of Ri-Ra.

Here’s a set of reports on last night’s initial appearance of the 2 trucks:

Afternoon Update
Here’s a photo of the trucks out in front of Ri-Ra’s at about 1 pm on Sunday. Both had long lines and crews from the Food Network were filming for the TV show.

Evening Update


One comment on “Today’s Location & More Food Truck Reporting (Updated)

  1. The Seoul Sausage Co. didn’t have sausages! A darn shame but the burger was great as were the rice balls. The fries were petty standard, the kimchi infused meat on them was great but the goopy cheese like substance not so much.

    I wish this event would encourage Portland to legalize food trucks, but sadly apparently our city government is in the pocket of DiMillo’s.

    It’s not that I mind lobbying by special interests *that* much, it’s just that I hate the fact that the winning special interest is DiMillo’s.

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