Miyake Menu Change

Miyake has announced a change in concept for their flagship location on Fore Street. Starting in June,

Chef Masa Miyake will be restructuring the menu to combine the Japanese knowledge of food for which he is so well known with a variety of international cuisines from his extensive culinary background. The plan is to better utilize ingredients from Miyake Farm and from valued vendors both local and international. Ensuring quality ingredients and a unique dining experience for the restaurants’ patrons has always been a priority for Miyake.  These changes will allow for some new creativity.

The email announcing the change also states,

Miyake on Fore Street will be closing Sundays starting in June to give the staff the option to host events and special dinners to showcase some of the new Miyake Farm products. These will include Mangalitsa pig, American Guinea hog, and the first farm-hatched quail, chicken and duck.

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