Miss Portland Review

Travels with Hilary has reviewed the Miss Portland Diner.

My new favorite breakfast joint is the Miss Portland Diner, on Marginal Way (between Franklin and Forest). The restored, original Worcester Lunch Car Company #818 shines not only in its gleaming metal surfaces, but also in service and food.

One comment on “Miss Portland Review

  1. I couldn’t disagree more with the review of Miss Portland Diner. In my visits, the food has been terrible, service bad, the new addition lacks atmosphere, and the delivery system is screwy.
    I was so terribly excited that a former Mainer with New York experience might mean a true diner/deli experience,, only to be disappointed. Maybe importing some really tough old girl waitresses would perk the place up. You know: “Whatdayamean, ya want kraut with that”.

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