Matcha Mood in Longfellow Square

A new cafe and retail shop called Matcha Mood (instagram) is under construction at 654 Congress Street. The company is being founded by sisters Sarochinee, Veya and Phuntira Tiparos.

Get ready to embark on a delightful journey of authentic Japanese flavors. From our handcrafted matcha lattes to our delectable matcha ice cream, bakery treats, and beyond, we’re here to satisfy your matcha cravings like never before.

Matcha Mood will use ceremonial grade matcha for a variety of matcha-based drinks including matcha latte, matcha coconut and matcha lemonade as well as for house-made baked goods and snacks. The cafe Mood will also have for sale equipment and tea for making matcha at home.

The sisters are renovating a 640 sq ft space near Longfellow Square into 4-seat cafe and retail shop, and they hope to launch Match Mood sometime this September.

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