Maine Food Systems Discussion

Maine Food for Thought has published a panel discussion that takes a look at how the current health crisis is impacting with local food systems.

Out of this worldwide pandemic, ensuring the availability of locally and sustainably sourced food has become more important than ever, even as our economy has become more vulnerable than at any time in recent history. We wanted to provide an opportunity to connect with a few of the voices who work directly within our food system to talk about their passion for the work they do, what they have seen, their thoughts as they look to the future, and how communities can support and strengthen local food systems.

Participating in the panel discussion are:

  • Sam Hayward from Fore Street
  • Jen Levin from Gulf of Maine Sashimi
  • Ilma Lopez from Piccolo and Chaval
  • Beth Schiller from Dandelion Spring Farm.

Maine Food for Thought has become known for their in-person restaurant tours that focus on the web of the Maine food system and how it intersects with Portland restaurants. They’ve now launched a new virtual tour series Maine Food for Thought Conversations “as a way for people around the globe to learn about Maine’s unique food system and how they can support the local food system in their community. We are excited to have leaders in Maine’s food economy (chefs, farmers, fishers, food system experts) join the Conversation and provide their firsthand perspectives and enrich the virtual experience.”

You can see the full full schedule and sign-up for future events on

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