Maine Community Cookbook On Sale

The second volume of the Maine Community Cookbook is now available for pre-order on Kickstarter.

The overwhelmingly positive reception of the Maine Bicentennial Community Cookbook inspired us to continue our project, and to expand it. In 2021, we began to solicit recipes for this second volume. Though our country’s divisions are increasingly on display, these community cookbooks focus on what connects us: food, family, and a love for the state of Maine. The book’s contributors are all united by one thing: they are generous enough to invite us into their kitchens and share their family’s food traditions with us. We are grateful to them, and excited to share more Maine family recipes and stories with you.

A $24 pledge on Kickstarter will get you a copy of the book shipped to you “hot off the press” when it’s released in July. Other pledge amounts include incentives like cooking with the editors, a guest appearance on the Maine Community Cookbook podcast, and even a private tour of the collections at Rabelais for you and 12 friends.