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I really see great things in the future for the Maine Beer Co. They are providing Maine-made beer unlike every other beer made here. In Portland, it’s either all English-style ales or the Belgians of Allagash, but there wasn’t anything like the great beers being made in the Midwest and West Coast of the U.S., something Maine was severely lacking. Until now. If they can keep pumping out beers equal in quality and taste to the Spring Peeper and their first experimental (and Brown IPA which was on tap at Novare and the GLB a week or two ago) beer, they have nowhere to go but up.

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  1. This is stupid. Sebago still puts out West Coast Style brews, Sunday River and Stone Coast used to before they went down, and Casco Bay also did before big Shipyard bought them out. This is not new, this is old.

  2. While Sebago doesn’t brew English-style ales, it certainly doesn’t brew West Coast style ales either. Please don’t try to tell me Full Throttle DIPA is a West Coast style beer. If that was Sebago’s intention it failed miserably.
    Spring Peeper Ale is absolutely delicious. It is one of the finest American Pale Ales I’ve had the pleasure to imbibe. The brewers do a wonderful job weaving together floral, citrus, and piney hops. Outside of Marshall Wharf, Maine Beer Company is the only brewer tackling West Coast style ales in the state.

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