Lobster Rolls & Spirits

Today’s Maine Sunday Telegram includes an article comparing the cross-road Wiscasset lobster roll options of Red’s and Sprague’s, and

From my perspective, differences between the two are slight. Sprague’s roll is a little brinier, and its buns a little less substantial, while Red’s seems to use more butter (Kate’s Butter) and hand-tears meat into larger pieces. Both are so enormous that they need to be wrapped to maintain the pretense of structural integrity. On the strength of lobster rolls alone, the two are tied. Either would be a good choice for a hungry adult who wants full autonomy over how their roll is dressed.

an article about Tree Spirits, a winery/distillery in Oakland.

Being a state where agriculture flourishes, Maine has witnessed recent growth in wineries that utilize a wide range of fresh produce to make wines and other spirits.

[Owner Bruce] Olson said he and his wife go through meticulous processes to produce the 15 items on their menu, including wines, brandies and absinthe, an anise-flavored spirit derived from several plants.