Little Woodfords Moving to Congress Street

Little Woodfords (websiteinstagramtwitterfacebook) announced that they’ll be moving their coffee shop from Woodfords Corner to 316A Congress Street by the end of the month.

that being said, our lease expires at the end of june and after trying wholeheartedly (and tirelessly) to negotiate with our landlords for months, there is simply no way we can afford the significant increase in rent and other costs they are requiring to occupy this space. please know we tried our very best to make this work, and that if we agreed to the new terms, we wouldn’t have lasted the summer.

now for the good news: over the past couple of weeks, when it seemed like we were going to have to close our doors forever, we found a space where little woodfords can call home. it is not in our current neighborhood, but you have our word we will create an additional coffee shop back in woodfords corner when the opportunity presents itself. we are excited, nervous, caffeinated and optimistic about what tomorrow will bring!

Little Woodfords was founded by Andrew and TJ Zarro in 2017.

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