Little Bigs Has Closed

Little Bigs owners, Pamela and James Plunkett, have announced that after 6 years in business they’ve closed their South Portland bakery.

Dear beloved customers – it’s been 6 years of high highs & low lows, and it’s time to finally say goodbye. We’ve done our best, all for you; thank each and every one of you for loving our food. Here’s hoping our paths cross again.

4 comments on “Little Bigs Has Closed

  1. That’s a shame because it was one of the best bakeries in Greater Portland. The location was a problem perhaps. They should reconnoiter in a more productive location.

  2. RIP Little Bigs. Must be the location because everything they baked, both sweet and savory, were pure magic.

  3. Finding an affordable space is going to be difficult. Just look at the fact that there aren’t any bakeries in the Old Port besides Bam Bam snd Standard Baking right now as high rents are a decided barrier to setting up shop in that high traffic area. And in any other area isn’t as desired as a place to be.

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