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  • Leasing – There’s a “Restaurant for Lease” sign on the exterior of Katahdin. When I checked last week they were still open for business. [According to info supplied in one of the comments on this post Katahdin is moving to 25 Forest Ave.]
  • Moving – According to a report from Portland Food Heads, Loco Pollo is moving to a new location—no details available yet on where they’re moving to.
  • Building – There’s construction taking place at 50-52 Wharf Street where Cake and The Iguana used to be but no word yet on what’s going to be moving in there. [The comment from Portland207 also indicates that the Wharf Street location is slated to be a Cuban restaurant, and a comment from TJ has uncovered that the new spot will be a sister restaurant to Havana in Bar Harbor.]

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  1. Katahdin is relocating to the Portland Stage Company building at 25 Forest Ave and the new place going in where te Iguana used to be is a cuban restaurant.

  2. Also all the windows signs for Luna Rossa have been removed. Restaurant is dead in the water it looks like.

  3. Must be a last gasp…the place is really tired, the food boring. . Hopefully they can make it in the new space with some theatre business…

  4. That scary woman painting looking down at you while eating hopefully will not make the move. She’s just ceepy.

  5. …agree with anon…there’s a reason TripAdvisor reviewers have crowned Katahdin the 117th best restaurant in Portland…

  6. I called their corporate offices and they said that they’re shifting schedules now that tourism season has ended. They said they’ll be open Thursday-Saturday nights during the winter.

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