Launching: CN Shawarma & the King’s Head

cnshawarma_logoTwo new opening are taking place today and tomorrow:

  • A new food truck called CN Shawarma (facebook, twitter, website) is launching today at noon on the Eastern Promenade. Owners Clayton Norris and Jenna Friedman are serving a menu of shawarma, falafel, kofta, lentil salad and tabbouleh.
  • King’s Head Pub (facebook) is planning a to hold a soft opening tonight with some “light food” and drinks. The restaurant will be having their official opening with a full menu available on Saturday.

5 comments on “Launching: CN Shawarma & the King’s Head

  1. CN Shawarma is definitely serving tradition, to my mind, Lebanese / Isreali / Palestine finger food. (I won’t say a word about who originated this food as that can cause truly bloody battles.) I’ll certainly check it out tonight at the Flea Market.

  2. Nothing that I know of. I think the building was used for storage prior to Pierce Atwood renovating it.

  3. Checked out King’s Head last night. Great looking space but they were not ready to open and they knew it. Going to be really tough to convince people to go there instead of In’finiti considering In’Finiti makes their own beer and it is less expensive.

  4. The last of the building was as a self-storage center. It was the last warehouse property on the waterfront that hadn’t been re-developed.

    Interesting note: the much criticized tiff (tax break) granted by the City was a small fraction of the increased taxes the City gets for this building now. And the food business owners in the area that I’ve talked to are very happy the lawyers and their clients.

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