Kushiya Benkay Now Open

Kushiya Benkay is now open for business. The Yakatori grill and sushi bar is located at 653 Congress Street in the former home of Gogi.

Kushiya joins the growing collection of restaurants that have sprung up in Longfellow Square in the past 2 years. As the name might suggest, Kushiya Benkay and Benkay on India Street are sister restaurants.

2 comments on “Kushiya Benkay Now Open

  1. Finally Portland has a more traditional Japanese grill! Having eaten at many of NYC’s great Yakitori houses, I can say Kushiya Benkay lives up to my expectations. Comfortable atmosphere and staffed by the expert crew of Benkay. Chef Ando’s Menu includes tasty Yakitori grilled skewers of chicken, berkshire pork, fish and vegetables. Each skewer will set you back about $3.00, so order many! The Kushikatsu should not be missed. Kushikatsu, or kushiage are breaded and deep-fried meat or vegetables on skewers. Kushi means skewers in Japanese. These tasty morsels of beef, chicken, pork and fish are dilicately breaded and fried to perfection.
    As Benkay is known for some of the best sushi rice in town it is obviously on the menu at this new restaurant. Beer is traditionally served with this fare and a wide selection of regional beers on tap are available. A Yakitori Bento Box comprised of choices ranging from great tempura, yakitori, tasty dumplings and Benkay style sushi roll is a great deal at $17.00 for dinner of only $11.00 for lunch. Will be open late on Thursday thru Saturday. Get to Kushiya Benkay as soon as possible!

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