2 comments on “Kon Now Open

  1. We went last night. The location is beautiful. I loved my mango chicken and duck. The chicken was served in a carved out mango which I thought looked very nice. My three guests did not like their sushi. Their shrimp was filled with wasabi. This was literally filled with wasabi. I see no way it could be eaten. My guests were all Thai and can handle their wasabi but this must have been a mistake.
    In summary I loved the look of the place and my food was great. My three guests will not go back unfortunately.

  2. Ate there tonight and it was awesome. Still some kinks to work out but really good. Presentation over the top! Drinks were good. 3 cocktails, Vietnamese roll, Kon’s chicken with lettuce leaves, huge sushi/shasimi for 1 (we shares) and fried ice cream for dessert $80 with tip and tax. The owner and staff was great. Can’t wait to go to the bar. Lot of cool nooks and crannies to the place. A fair mix of a lot of Asian cuisine and knowledgeable chefs… their knife work was perfect, very fresh ingredients and fish.
    It is definitely not a kids restaurant. No menus for them or even milk but they were very nice and accommodating.

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