Kon Asian Bistro Review

Erik Desjarlais, the chef/owner of Evangeline, has published a review on his blog of Kon Asian Bistro.

The food began to arrive. Spicy Tuna tartare, with fried tempura batter that was crumbled in to a tasty, crunchy little pile. Yes, a pile of tempura crumble. (mind you all, I know absolutely nothing about asian cooking AT ALL…krista explained what it was.) We devoured the whole thing. The tuna was just spicy enough, and the three sauces were perfect. (???????????perfect????????) Was I buzzed from my Sapphire and Tonic? I looked over and saw that I was only half finished, so no. The dish was GOOD. (I still can’t believe I am writing this.) I ate what was left of the pile of crumbled batter.

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