Kindling Fund: Re-Past, Hole History Show

A pair of food-relate projects in Maine have received grants from the Kindling Fund:

Bates professor Myron Beasley has received $5,000 for Re-Past: Remembering Malaga.

Re-Past is a site-specific memorial to be held on Malaga Island.  As an intervention in the form of a performative dinner [July 12, 2018], Re-Past will engage the public-at-large to remember the people of Malaga who were evicted from their homes on July 1, 1912, because they were black or mixed-race. This narrative has come to be known as the story best not told in the history of Maine. The performance will be a collaborative event including dancers, a printmaker, a sound architect, a chef and painter/cartographer. Re-Past is a memorial to the dead and the living.

Alexis Iammarino has received $5,000 for Hole History Show: Origins of the American Style Donut.

[To] design, publish, and print a catalogue from a recent exhibition curated by Iammarino called “Hole History Show: Origins of the American-style Donut,” a collection of art, performance and writing that responded to a claim that the hole-in-the-donut was singularly invented by a 19th-century sea captain from Rockport, Maine. The creation of this catalogue will capture the scope of the project with beautifully documented plates of the 64 works of art, reproductions of memorabilia, and over 14 written submissions which include culinary history, poems, short fiction, oral history, and lecture transcriptions. Organizing, installing, and documenting this exhibition brought together people from a broad geography and energized ideas about the origins of the American culinary history. This catalogue aims to become a document of public history to be gifted to regional libraries and historical societies. At the publication’s launch, there will be an interdisciplinary event pairing chefs and artists to invent donut-inspired foods for the public.

The Rekindling Fund “supports artist-organized projects that engage the public and the visual arts in inventive and meaningful ways” and is part of the Andy Warhol Foundation for the Arts’ Regional Regranting Program.

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