Island Lobster Company Open

Owners Katie and Thom Werner opened Island Lobster Company(website, facebookinstagram) earlier this week. It’s located on Peaks Island in the space formerly occupied by Peaks Island House.

The 64-seat establishment is a trap-to-table restaurant, the Werners are serving lobsters that they’ve trapped and hauled in with their own boat. You can sea a copy of their menu on their website.

One comment on “Island Lobster Company Open

  1. At over 150 dollars for 4 adults and two toddlers , I think the price point is a bit high.

    May I suggest printing your prices of “market price “ items

    Offering ala carts things as while the food was delicious we did not eat all of it

    Cutting the price if your beers… 8.50 for a beer I can buy elsewhere for 7 is a bit much.

    Real utensils vs very cheap plastic for the price of your food would be nice

    Your food was very good

    But too pricey and you should offer less expensive smaller options I think

    Happy to talk to you if you’d like.
    Many years in this business and I like your look and your concept.

    Thank you

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