Interview with Chris Gould

Eater Maine has posted an interview with Chris Gould about his upcoming restaurant Central Provisions.

Did the character of this building influence the restaurant concept?
Absolutely. The concept was always to do tapas-style small plates. But the feel and what we’re putting in here in terms of the bars and the stools and the tables and the decor is totally driven by the 200-year-old building. This was built in 1828. It’s one of the oldest buildings in Portland. It’s survived two fires. It was originally a warehouse right on the water. There’s these trap doors that go up through the floors on every level and at the top there’s a wheel that they used to pull up crates and barrels from the ships with goods coming from the East India Trade Company.

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  1. Errrrrr, the Dutch East India Company trade, as its name indicates, throughout the area of India, Southeast Asia and Indonesia. Other British companies had monopolies in this part of the world.

    Any history majors here that can address this odd claim?

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