Instant Portland: Fresh Approach, Local Sprouts, Market Street Eats

A new blog named Instant Portland has published reviews of Fresh Approach,

So, if you love quality meats and home baked goods, if you love the idea of a neighborhood grocery store where folks will learn your name, or if you just need something urgently on a day when the Great Big Supermarket is closed, give Fresh Approach a try. I guarantee it will become a regular stop for you on your grocery-buying adventures.

Local Sprouts, and

In a way, the experience of eating at Local Sprouts is like having lunch at a friend’s house (a friend who is a really good cook).  Through the long winter months ahead, they provide a warm space to come in from the cold, eat a healthy meal, and be a little warmer in body and soul.

Market Street Eats.

So, if you’re doing your holiday shopping in the Old Port, or you have an appointment downtown, or you just want to try something new for your weekday lunch, I cannot recommend Market Street Eats highly enough. I promise you won’t be disappointed.

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