Inside Outside Above Below

According to a report from Urban Eye, artists Lauren Fensterstock & Aaron Stephan are teaming up with Masa Miyake on a set of interesting events that will be “exploring the intersection of food, making, and conversation”.

According to the artist statement,

Each performance involves local artists, builders, and cooks.  The events will take place in a physical structure designed and built specifically for this event in which a meal will be prepared and served. INSIDE OUTSIDE ABOVE BELOWwill question normative ways of eating and interacting within one’s community by creating correlations between construction, collaboration and consumption.  It will encompass how we eat – what environment we eat in – who we eat with – the historical precedence for these actions – and the potential to instigate a constructive dialogue with these components.

There will be six performances/meals in September, tickets are now on sale at Eventbrite.

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