In’Finiti Now Open (Updated Again)

infiniti_mapThe highly anticipated new distillery and brewpub from the owners of Novare Res, In’finiti, is now open for business. In’finiti is located at 250 Commercial Street right across the street from Three Dollar Deweys.

The house beer avaiable so far, Primus Primus, is augmented with a good selection of local brews from Allagash, Oxbow and the usual suspects. I can personally recommend the Haute Fashioned from the cocktail menu. For food you have a choice of tapas (see partial list below) and entrees (moule frites, pretzel crusted  fried chicken, etc).

For another first-hand account of the opening day’s lunch read this PFM comment. For photos of the menu see this user comment on Beer Advocate, and for some additional photos of the food and interior go to The Blueberry Files.

For additional info see this recent article from The Bollard,

“…If you’re having a pint of beer, it was brewed right here on-premise. If you’re having a cocktail, every ingredient in that cocktail was made here. So if there’s three or four different alcohols in that, we made it. If it’s a gin martini, we made the gin and the vermouth.”







3 comments on “In’Finiti Now Open (Updated Again)

  1. Well at least their website opens up to a homepage now.

    Not sure when starting, but they said they will be doing Sunday brunches will a live jazz band.

  2. That’s a mighty impressive set of brewing / distilling equipment they have there…

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