Immigrant Kitchens: Eritrean Ingera with Spicy Chicken

Lindsay Sterling over at Immigrant Kitchens met up with Asmeret Teklu at Asmara where she learned how to make Eritrean Ingera with Spicy Chicken (intro, photos, recipe).

When Asmeret arrived here thirteen years ago, a friend gave her some starter. Ever since then, Asmeret’s been using the reminder of her batter as the starter for the next batch. “But where did your friend get her starter?” I asked. She laughs at my guessing, “There is no beginning.” I think maybe in addition to evolutionism and creationism we should be teaching our children ingera-ism. There simply is no beginning…

Want to make it yourself but not sure where to get the ingredients? Lindsay has offered to mail out portions of “berbere spice, teff flour, teff starter, and ghee” so you can give this recipe a try.

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