Hugo’s Past/Hugo’s Future

Down East magazine’s blog The Golden Dish and Maine magazine’s blog Eat Maine have both published articles about the transition in ownership at Hugo’s.

[Chef Andrew] Taylor feels very much the same way. “I love Hugo’s,” he says. “It’s the best job I’ve ever had and I don’t want to change that. I love what Rob and Nancy have done and I know they are equally fond of the fact that we have taken it over.”

Now that he will finally call Hugo’s style of cuisine his very own, Taylor discusses plans to continue developing and improving the menu. This feeling of liberation is often what truly allows a chef to flourish and produce some of their very best work. So far the response from patrons has been overwhelmingly positive.

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  1. I loved Rob and Nancy’s style, food and warmth. I love that Arlin, Andrew and Michael are next in line. Congratulations to the guys and best of luck to Rob and Nancy in their next venture.

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