Hot Chocolate, Sustainable Food, Trader Joe’s Parking

The Food & Dininng section in today’s Press Herald includes an article on hot chocolate along with drink reviews from several venues in town like this one for Gorgeous Gelato,

Don’t be surprised if you start hearing sleigh bells while you drink this. This is classic hot chocolate, the kind of drink you dream about when you hear the song “Winter Wonderland” or crave after coming in from a long day of skiing or playing in the snow.

It’s made with two kinds of Belgian chocolate and whole milk. Be sure to ask for whipped cream on top — it’s real whipped cream, cold, thick and delicious, and floats well and long on top of the chocolate…

a profile of Portland resident Dan McGovern who publishes the Sustainable Food News,

Produced in Portland, the online business magazine publishes Monday through Friday and chronicles the health food industry’s latest news and trends. The daily emails go out to 7,500 subscribers.

Also in today’s paper is a piece on the parking situation at Trader Joe’s.


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