Hero Closed (Updated)

Hero sandwich shop in Monument Square has gone out of business, according to a report from the Press Herald.

Hero, the sandwich shop at 30 City Center co-owned by Todd Bernard of Empire and the owners of Otto, closed abruptly Monday after having been open just five months.

The Bangor Daily News has also posted a report on the closure of Hero and next steps for the Otto restaurant group.

Though Hero opened with a bang, the fervor in Maine’s foodiest city was hard to maintain. “There was not enough marketing behind it. We had a lot of momentum out of the gate, but not a sustained, concerted effort,” said Brody, who felt Hero’s story got lost in the fast-changing foodscape.

Update: Co-founder Todd Bernard had sold his interest in Hero to the owners of Otto a month prior to the closure of the restaurant.

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  1. Most folks I talked to yesterday said they switched over over to Two Sisters which they found made better sandwhiches at a better price point. Several more added that the original offering got vastly truncated over the past few months.

  2. ^^ I was in the same boat. The two times I tried Hero I didn’t care for their bread at all. I had been meaning to try their take home dinners but wasn’t motivated to try them again. Big Sky and Sisters Gourmet are my go-to for sandwiches in the Monument Square area — so good!

  3. The biggest problem is that they sometimes had more people working behind the counter than customers. and still a long wait.

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