Havana South & New Wine Column

Yesterday’s Food & Wine section in the Press Herald included an update on the soon to open Havana South,

The head chef is Joe Boudreau, formerly of Mims in Portland and the Purpoodock Club in Cape Elizabeth. The food, Boland said, will be American cuisine with a Latin twist. Think filet mignon with an adobo rub, or a hanger steak with a chimmichurri sauce.

Latin fare will be represented by a Peruvian seafood paella, made with dende oil to give it a rustic flavor. Also on the menu will be a Brazilian stew known as moqueca.

and the launch of a new wine column written by Joe Appel who puts his wine knowledge to use on the page and at his day job at Rosemont.

My intention for this column is to make it desperately relevant to you – whether “you” is a can’t-relate-to-humans-because-wine-is-more-interesting geek, a mildly interested food-lover unfamiliar with the world of wine, or somewhere in between.

I try hard to keep an open mind and treat every aspect of the wine world as an opportunity to learn something new. Still, here’s what really excites me: reasonably priced, locally available, food-friendly wines that honestly reflect the character of the land that bred them, the true nature of the grapes that died for them, and the spirits of the farmers and winemakers who labored over them.

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