Halsted’s Chicago Style Eats

A new food truck called Halsted’s Chicago Style Eats (instagram, facebook) launched this past weekend. Founders Angela and Jeff Aspito and Joel Jeffrey are serving up a menu of Vienna hot dogs and Italian beef sandwiches—food classics from their native home of Chicago.

You can find them Saturday from 12-6 at Cornerstone Tile (1438 Washington Ave) and on Sunday 12-6 on the Eastern prom. In the meantime check out their promo video.

4 comments on “Halsted’s Chicago Style Eats

  1. I stopped in as soon as I heard about them. First Italian Beef “sangwich” I’ve had in 5 years. (Portillo’s 2015) I was not disappointed. Very nice people!! Very good food!!! A little taste of Illinois.

  2. Happened to be in Portland with our granddaughter on the East Prom and lo and behold we happened upon Halsted’s Chicago Style Eats. My wife and I left Chicago 33 years ago and have longed for Italian beef and there it was. What joy. We will be back or should you be in the Kittery/Eliot area please let us know.

    Go Cubs Go

  3. Originally from the Chicago area. Just read about you today in the Portland paper. So glad you are here. Can’t wait to have the Italian Beef sandwich. Really miss it!!

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